Folks, welcome to a Millennials’ World !

We, Miss. Ammna and Suzan Shedid are passionate members of generation Y, critics by nature and aspiring world leaders. Active women comprising a small pool of university graduates who have successfully completed a bachelor’s in “Development & International Studies”, but we still join the quest of questioning and demanding to disrupt the system….or to at least find a common ground where the generation gap can settle in. YET, we aim to join the movement of youth creating a world where they would like to live in…

Curious in observing the global cosmos from OUR generation’s viewpoint, whether they are international issues, local or daily life struggles, we have come together to establish a platform for anyone and everyone to express the Generation Y / Millennials’ voice. Comment to initiate meaningful discussions, reblog to share our opinions and please let us know if you wish to bring anything specific to light!

May the forces be with us…

Please reach us out on Twitter :- @SuzanShedid  @AmmnaRafique

2015-02-16 17.59.39


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